Most of the images were recorded digitally using a Nikon D100; D200; D300, D800e, D850 or Leica R8 with a DMR digital back. I also shoot with a Leica D-Lux 3 & D-Lux5 pocket camera. The D100, D200, D300 & D800e have since been retired.

My current Nikon gear includes the D850 and assorted Zeiss lenses starting with the 15mm and ending with the 135 mm. Favorite Nikon Lenses are the 14mm F: 2.8; 17~55 mm F:2.8 and the 70~200 f:2.8.

However, The Humming Bird shot was caputed with a Leica 105~280 f:4.2.

(I am currently shooting with Zeiss lenses on the D850.) A good tripod is a must and I have several that work well. I use Acratech panoramic head as I like the versatility. I currently use a Gitzo tripod as well as a Leica table top for really low shots.

I have been using a modified Filson's bag for my main bag and find that the smaller Think Tank bag works for traveling. I currently use an Adventure 10 for a backpack and find it well suited for the equipment. However some shots are from the pocket camera which I carry most of the time.


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