Bio Info

Portrait: John E. Hunter Photography is a way to relax and enjoy what the world has to offer. I have been shooting digital images since 2002 - starting with a Nikon D100, progressing to a Nikon D200, a Leica R8 with the DMR back and the D300. I am currently shooting most of my images with a Nikon D850, a Leica Dlux5 pocket camera or Leica Q travel camera and have added a series of Zeiss optics for the D850. The features of the Nikon camera and the optics of the Zeiss lenses are hard to beat.

I have found that there are many interesting people in this field and that I very much enjoy traveling with friends and hiking or traveling to new areas to photograph.

As time progresses, I hope to continually improve my work and continue to enjoy this wonderful subject of photography.