Most of the images were recorded digitally using a Nikon D100; D200; D300, D800e, D850 or Leica R8 with a DMR digital back. I also shoot with a Leica D-Lux 3 & D-Lux5 or Leica X1 pocket camera. The D100, D200, D300 & D800e, Leica D-Lux 3 and X1 have since been retired.

My current Nikon gear includes the D850 and assorted Zeiss lenses starting with the 15mm and ending with the 135 mm. I have recently added a Leica Q, a Q2 camera and a Leica M11 with assorted lenses.

However, The Hummingbird shot was captured with a Leica 105~280 f:4.2.

(I am currently shooting with Zeiss lenses on the D850 and a Leica M11.) A good tripod is a must and I have several that work well. I use Acratech panoramic head as I like the versatility. I currently use a Gitzo tripod as well as a Leica tabletop for really low shots.

I have been using a modified Filson's bag for my main bag and find that the smaller Think Tank bag works for traveling. I currently use an Adventure 10 for a backpack and find it well suited for the equipment. However, some shots are from the pocket camera which has been replaced with the Leica Q2.